ООО «Siberian Export-Import Company» (SEIC)

Delivery of customised agricultural goods within Russia and abroad

Customised sowing, production of flour, sunflower oil, services of prepackaging, delivery
About Us
Since 2007 OOO «Siberian Export-Import Company» has been holding strong positions in the market of agricultural products.

Volume of exports amounts to more than 100 000 tonnes of grain and oil products per year.

We offer the market diverse variety of products (including forage): rape, flax, foodgrade wheat, barley, soya, buckwheat, sunflower.

The Company's logistics centres are located in the Omsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo regions and in the Altai Territory.

There We have an opportunity to proceed prepackaging, underworking as well as high-speed loading of goods.

All aforementioned actions are being done properly because we obtain our own assess railways to the logistics centres.
ООО «Siberian Export-Import Company» (SEIC) works with the following products: rape, seeds, wheat, oat, buckwheat, flax, derivative flour and oils.
Our goods
Milling wheat 3 grade, 4 grade (All-Union State Standards)
Oil-bearing flax
Oilseed rape
This seed perfectly serves for bread baking. Being grown in the Siberian fields, this product is highly estimated outside the territory.
It is one the main cereal crop. Peeled buckwheat are made from its grain, as a result we can see whole grains, crushed output is cracked grain with damaged structure. Smolensky grain is highly-floured grain, and buckwheat.
It is widely used in the industry. Seeds of the oil-bearing flax compose 44-52% of fixed oil, it is the critical raw material for producing linseed oil, oil-varnish, enamel, ground coat.
Taking into account the whole row of fatty acids, the oilseed rape is observed to be top requested in the food industry. Moreover, this product is used in metallurgical, soap, leather and textile industries.
It is the leading and the most widespread oil-bearing crop. Demand for sunflower seeds in the world and domestic markets is a powerful incentive for increasing production and improving quality of obtained products.
It is the forage culture of long standing and high-value food item. Oat seed is notable for the significant proportion of phosphorus, while in terms of fat content, oat dominates other grain varieties.
Delivery of food and forage grain is available.
Rape-cake is the product of oil production which is generated after oil expression from rape seeds. Rape-cake and rapeseed meal are widely used in feeding farm livestock as well as compound feed industry.

On a regular basis Siberian Export-Import Company produces and sells rape-cake which includes ~38% mass fraction of protein.
Rape oil
The oil is generated from the primary cold press, is widely used in the food industry.
Our clients and partners
Partners of the Company are located within Russia and abroad.

We cooperate with
the companies of:
— Russia
— China
— Vietnam
— Mongolia
— Belarus
— Lithuania
Selling points

Precise logistics

Guarantee of transaction completeness

Checking products is the guarantee of the high quality and safe.
FEA control and delivery from an agricultural producer to a processor.
We introduce the production in full and on time.
Vast range of high-quality grain and oil-bearing crops.

Vast range

Our own laboratory

Stages of production process
We provide a agricultural producer with all the requires during sowing stage (seeds, agricultural chemistry, POL)
We proceed grain receiving, check it in the laboratory for absence of infection, pests, intertrigo etc., prepare documentation according to phytosanitary standards in order
to ensure that only high-quality products reach the processor and final consumer.
We take a responsibility for grains logistics, underworking and prepackaging, car or rail transport loading. We provide legal and customs support of the transaction.
Products production and selling
Sunflower and rape oil
- Delivery of high-quality oil.
- Oil export.
- You can learn about price and value with
a simple telephone call: +7(383)347-02-40 or E-mail: opt@sibeik.ru
Our Company Services
Customised sowing
Prices are confirmed by call.
Due to qualified work with the agricultural producer, our company on the stage of sowing is ready for entering into contracts for customised growing of grain and oil crops.

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Flour and oil production
Prices are confirmed by call.
Seed oils are extracted from oilseed plants.
Factors, which form the quality of seed oils,
include raw material and production technology.

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Raw material prepackaging
Prices are confirmed by call.
There are filling lines for grain and oil-bearing crops to a sack tare, grain carrier and liner bags loading machines located at production space. It enables to consign goods due to requires of any client, both in the Russian domestic market and abroad.
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Raw material conditioning

Prices are confirmed by call.
A huge amount of a harvested crop requires the following conditioning and making the grain accordingly good. Our equipment enables to reach the quality which is required by the clients.
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Shipment of raw material + customs support
Prices are confirmed by call.
By agreement with the client, our company is ready for shipment of the production by means of railway or road transport.

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Transportation of raw materials

Prices are confirmed by call.
Transportation of goods plays a significant role in price assessment. Professional logisticians of our company try to reduce the expenses on the goods delivery.
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Our Contacts
Russia. Dzerzhinsky avenue, 1/1 Novosibirsk Addresses of warehouses: Tolmachevskiy St. 43/4. Kochenevo, Promishlennaya St. 3

Submit a request and we will call you back for hammering out details.
Our Contacts
Russia. Dzerzhinsky avenue, 1/1 Novosibirsk Addresses of warehouses: Tolmachevskiy St. 43/4. Kochenevo, Promishlennaya St. 3
Submit a request and we will call you back for hammering out details.